5 Reasons Why Braun Strowman Should Win WWE SummerSlam 2017

As confirmation of this advancement, Strowman will enter the ring at WWE SummerSlam as one of three challengers for the Universal Championship.

Current champ Brock Lesnar is set to shield in a deadly four manner against Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and Strowman. To date, it's the greatest match of Braun's young vocation, and it's one that could set the phase for a long keep running at the highest point of WWE cards. 

In the event that effective in his match at SummerSlam, Strowman would make the following stride in his officially famous profession.

Would you be able to envision if the principal title Braun won in WWE was the best prize for the Raw brand? It's anything but difficult to suppose he could, however, does that essentially mean he should?

One of the most brutal rivalries in Raw history between Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman intensifies in this colossal Last Man Standing Match: RAW, Aug. 7, 2017.

Here are five reasons why Braun Strowman should win at WWE SummerSlam 2017:

1. The most over wrestler today

Notwithstanding whether he's depicted as a foot rear area or not, when Braun Strowman tipped Roman Reigns over in an emergency vehicle, he turned into the greatest babyface on the program.

Vince may endeavor to overlook it, yet Roman gets booed out of the building more than anybody these days and when Strowman put him on the rack, people in general right away experienced passionate feelings for him.

2. To make him legit title contender

On the off chance that the bits of gossip are valid, Roman Reigns is set to confront Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34.

Meanwhile, the Beast needs a commendable adversary to fill time before Summerslam not to mention WrestleMania. 

As the current WWE Universal Champion is traveling for some time, the WWE must keep on building up Braun Strowman as the most dreaded no.1 contender in late history. 

As the man that simply resigned the greatest name in proficient wrestling, Roman Reigns has a fantastic measure of energy appended to his character. 

If Strowman somehow managed to beat Reigns after what he just accomplished, it would consequently elevate him to the highest point of the organization close by Brock Lesnar.

3. Braun is the only man in the Wyatt family who has no individual glory

For the self-evident actuality, he has simply made a big appearance and the fight Imperial looks as the ideal stepping stool for him.

WWE, as we as a whole know, energizes new gifts for future speculation and for the present, they without a doubt as hellfire require another mammoth. 

Kane and Big Show have helped this spot for WWE over years and now it is the ideal opportunity for another face.

Braun has every one of the fixings to assume control and convey the inheritance forward. He is the man and is a genuine goliath amidst the ring. WWE should get this open door and put resources into him.

4. To give him THAT one win

Braun Strowman might be a standout amongst the most overwhelming whizzes we've ever observed, however, regardless he hasn't had THAT one noteworthy win. 

Yes, he's beaten any semblance of Big Show and Mark Henry in his run, yet they aren't headliner gauge stars any longer, and he needs greater scalps. Also, in the present current atmosphere, there's no greater scalp than a perfect prevail upon Roman Reigns. 

By what other means do you transform a creature heel into a star? Have him beat the person everybody believes is the divinely selected individual, and do it neatly. If not, Strowman will be taken a gander at similarly all different beasts are; they're prevailing, yet in a matter of moments they'll be merchants to the headliner babyfaces. 

It's happened to Rusev, Bray Wyatt, Mark Henry and the Big Show. Braun Strowman is much excessively capable, making it impossible to endure such comparative treatment.

5. A Monster Among Proven Veterans

Strowman's rivals at SummerSlam are Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. 

Joined, there are about thirty years of star wrestling background in the ring with him. Also, the eleven big showdowns won by the three men he'll square up against. 

What's more, if Strawman is successful, he'll have crushed every one of them three. On the off chance that that is not a genuine star-production minute, I don't comprehend what is.

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